RV6 Radlroute Stemmerwiese

RV6 Radlroute Stemmerwiese

As an alternative to Lindwurm Street, there is a green route from the Theresienwiese to the Stemmerwiese, which is very difficult to find.

Insider Tip Stemmerhof via Theresienwiese

Video Stemmerwiese – Karwendelstraße – Tölzer Straße – Siemensallee
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The BikePriority roue “Stemmerwiese” starts at the Theresienwiese and leads through an underground, then across the railway tracks and then in the green parallel to the Lipowskystraße. On the Stemmerhof, both the narrow entrance to “Jaegerwirtstreet” to “Stemmerwiese” proved difficult to find, as well as in the direction of Theresienwiese. There it is difficult to spot the entrance to the rising Green Trail to the Lipowskystraße.


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