What is actually a BikePriorityRoute

What is actually a BikePriorityRoute

Bicycle network definitions

  • RadlVorrangnetz: in the case of roads designated in the bicycle priority network, priority should be given to cyclists by motorised individual transport. (§ 42 Berlin Mobility Act)
    In Munich we have nominated 12 suitable routes as BikePriorityRoutes (RadlVorrangstrecken) and call them with concise names:

    • RadlRing-Altstadt (RV0)
    • Isarradweg (RV1)
    • Nordradweg (RV7)
    • Radl-Stammstrecke (RV4)
    • Radlroute-Blutenburgstraße (RV3)
    • Radlroute-Olympiapark (RV2)
    • Radlroute-Goethestraße (RV2)
    • Ammerseeradweg (RV8)
    • Fürstenrieder-Radlroute (RV3)
    • Radlroute-Stemmerwiese (RV6)
    • Panoramaweg (RV8)
    • Grüne Route Denninger Anger (RV6)

  • Main cycle routes: Within the Munich cycle routes there are 14 designated main routes, as well as 4 other important routes: Isarradweg, Nordradweg, inner and outer CircleRoute

  • Entire bicycle network: The entire network includes all the roads and routes where you can go by bike.

  • Bicycle freeways: Enable high travel speeds and connect important source- and target areas via larger distances. (§ 45 Berlin Mobility Act)

    BikePriority network maps: